Craft in March

Craft every day this March to support families affected by MND. 

Get creative

This March, we are challenging you to craft every day in the fight against MND. Whether you choose to knit, paint, draw, crochet, paper craft or do something completely different, the money you raise will make a huge difference.  

Join our #TeamMND Facebook group, set up your fundraiser, and we'll send you a #TeamMND branded apron to get you started!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register using Facebook?

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To join the challenge with Facebook and create your Facebook fundraiser, join our Craft in March Facebook group.

Can I register without Facebook?

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If you don't have Facebook that's not a problem. You can register for your free branded apron here and set up a personal Social Sync fundraising page. Make sure to click 'register with email'.

If you would prefer to use JustGiving, you can set up your page here.

Do I have to pay?

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The challenge is free to take part in. We hope people will take part and raise money to support families affected by MND. 

When is the registration deadline?

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The challenge starts on Friday 1 March 2024 and runs until Sunday 31 March 2024. We recommend participants join as soon as possible, but you'll be able to join the challenge anytime, even after it starts.

How can I share my challenge progress?

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Share videos, pictures, and posts of your crafts to your Facebook or JustGiving fundraising page and on your personal social media pages. For friends and family who aren't on Facebook, be sure to email and WhatsApp too.

Do Facebook charge a fee?

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Like many other fundraising platforms, Facebook do charge a small fee to use their service which allows fundraising challenges like this to be easily created and shared to support the fight against MND.

Some of my friends don't have Facebook. Can they donate?

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Unfortunately you need to have a Facebook account to donate to a Facebook fundraising page. You could ask people to give you the donation and then donate the funds to yourself to your Facebook page. Alternatively, you will be able to set up a personal MND fundraising page once you have registered via facebook messenger. Anyone will be able to donate to this page!

Can I use JustGiving or a sponsor form instead of a Facebook fundraising page?

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Sure! If you don't have Facebook, the best alternative is our personal (social sync) fundraising pages. You can register for your free branded apron here and set up a personal Social Sync fundraising page. Make sure to click 'register with email'. 

If you'd prefer to use another platform or good old fashioned sponsor forms, that's absolutely fine. You can download a sponsor form or set up a JustGiving page.

Can the money I raise go towards a Tribute Fund or Fightback Fund?

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Yes, if you'd like the money you raise to be recorded in a loved ones tribute or fightback fund that's not a problem. Email with your details, the name of the Fund and a link to your fundraising page and the team will organise that for you.

I don't think i can craft every day, can i still get involved?

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Yes, of course. We are happy for you to adapt the challenge to suit you! 

Some of my friends are saying they can't donate to my Facebook page?

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Like everything, Facebook sometimes has some glitches. If anyone is struggling to donate, ask them to try using a different device (e.g. another phone, laptop, tablet or desktop). This usually works!

I haven't recieved my #TeamMND apron yet.

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We'll aim to send all aprons within 10 days of registration. Please be patient with us as we're a small team. If you haven't received yours within 14 days please email

How much money do I have to raise?

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There is no minimum sponsorship target to take part in the challenge. Every penny counts. The more money you can raise, the more support we can provide for people living with MND today. Find out more about how the money you raise makes a difference.

Do you have any ideas to help me fundraise?

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Check out our fundraising tips for lots of great ideas. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you for crafting everyday, or you could even sell your crafts and donate the profits! However you choose to fundraise, you will be supporting the fight against MND.

How could I get more people to donate to my challenge?

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We'll be sharing lots of tips and advice in the Facebook Group, so join if you haven't already. There are also resources available on our Fundraising Zone  to help you raise more awareness and sponsorship for your challenge. Our biggest top tip is to keep friends and family updated with your challenge progress by regularly updating your fundraising page.

Where does my sponsorship money go?

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All of the money donated on your Facebook fundraiser will come straight to the MND Association which means you don't have to worry about transferring any money or handling any cash. Once we receive the funds we turn it into care and support for families affected by MND and fund vital research to better understand MND, develop treatments and one day find a cure.

How can I promote my challenge?

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Feel free to use this poster, or you can make your own using Template Centre.

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