Facebook Fundraising FAQs

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What is Facebook Fundraising? 

Facebook fundraising allows people to donate to their chosen charity or start a fundraising page, directly through Facebook.

People can donate directly to their chosen charity without having to go to a third-party website.

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How do I share my Facebook Fundraising page?  

To share the whole page, click the blue 'Share page' button, followed by the Facebook icon. 

To share a post or donation, click the pink 'Share' icon in the bottom right corner followed by the Facebook icon.

Sharing your page along with updates is a great way to encourage donations.
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Will the MND Association receive all the money that I raise on Facebook?  

Like many other fundraising platforms, Facebook do charge a small fee to use their service which allows fundraising challenges like this to be easily created and shared to support the fight against MND. 

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How do I create a Facebook Fundraiser for the MND Association? 

Go to Fundraisers in the menu of your News Feed and select 'Raise Money' followed by 'Nonprofit or Charity'. Select the MND Association as your chosen charity and fill in the fundraiser details.

If you are part of one of our Facebook Challenges, follow the steps in the Facebook Group to create your challenge Fundraising page.
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How can I find my Facebook Fundraiser?

Go to Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed on Facebook. You may need to expand the menu to find it.

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How can I close my Facebook Fundraiser?

Go to your Facebook Fundraiser, click on the button with the three dots just underneath your cover photo, then select 'End Fundraiser'. If you would like to delete your fundraiser, repeat this process and select 'Delete Fundraiser'.

Once closed, all the money raised will still be sent directly to the MND Association. If a donor would like a refund from Facebook they must request this directly from Facebook using this form.

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How can I find out / change the closing date on my Facebook Fundraiser?

When you create a Facebook Fundraiser, the fundraiser will automatically close after 14 days.

You can edit the date that your Facebook Fundraiser will close by going to your Facebook Fundraiser and clicking on the button with the three dots just underneath your cover photo. Select 'Edit Fundraiser' and find the section titled, ‘When should your fundraiser end?’. You will be able to amend the closing date here.

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As a donor, how can I request a refund?

If a donor wishes to request a refund for their donation, this must be done directly through Facebook, using this form.

The MND Association is unable to request refunds from Facebook on the behalf of donors or fundraisers.

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How can I contact Facebook about my donation?

If you need help with a recent donation you've made, have questions about a fundraiser, or the status of contributions to the MND Association, click here to learn more.

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Can anyone donate to my Facebook Fundraiser?

Unfortunately you need to have a Facebook account to donate to a Facebook page. You can ask people to give you the donation and then donate the funds to yourself to your Facebook page.